Cake Lounge is a company in Karachi committed to producing and providing high-quality unique, customized cakes for special occasions. We are offering cakes for special occasions that are not only delicious down to the last bite but are also pleasing to the eye.

We are not creating birthday cakes only, we are creating happiness. We also celebrate the joys, accomplishments, momentous occasions and wonders of life. Cake isn’t just a dessert; it’s a symbol of celebration, happiness, friends and family.

Our clients become part of our family; we focus as a family need to care. Now, they are calling us time after time to create beautiful and delicious birthday cakes for all of their special birthday party in a reasonable price and fast delivery. We are here because some things are more important than profit margins, convenience or cheap calories.

Cake Lounge specializes in custom orders. Let us know what design, colors and special label are needed. We are happy to customize your cake. If you don’t find the cake you are looking for let us know, we will make it for you. Customer satisfaction is our quality.

And strive to make sure we keep up the good work year after year as we continue to expertise each cake by hand using only the finest all-natural ingredients. In fact, with as much care as we put into our cakes, it’s a wonder we’re able to hand them over when they’re finished.

A party simple isn’t a celebration while not cake…but ever surprise why? certain, most of the people like cake (we square measure convinced people who say they don’t are kidding). However once and the way did the birthday traditions we all know today–the cake, the song, the candles, the wish–begin?

It is believed that the primary actual cake was created in Germany within the Middle Ages. The Germans would celebrate children’s birthdays with cake, vocation the celebration Kinder fest.

Cakes originally were a course, bread-like product, and later became a way sweeter version known as Geburtstagorten.

In the 17th century birthday cakes were created a lot of elaborate with details like icing, layers and decorations, like flowers. However, these forms of cakes were solely affordable by the wealthy, upper class because of the expensive ingredients.

In the 18th century, food and baking utensils became a lot of accessible, and therefore affordable. With that, the worth of cakes went down considerably and therefore the variety of cakes created went up significantly,